Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vollis Simpson — "Junkyard Poet"

Dubbed the "Junkyard Poet of Whirligigs" by The New York Times
Vollis Simpson, 92, comes to work every day in Lucama, N.C.
holding court for visiting video crews, all 
while eating a lunch of Nip-Chee crackers and Pepsi. 

He curses like the B-29 airman he once was. 
He spins a bawdy tale about a miniskirted visitor. 
He worries about thieves coming to 
steal his metal. He tells a visitor 
he'll jump them, if he gets the chance, 
the same way he tackled a shoplifting customer.

His mind is sharp, his body strong. 
Vollis will be king of his spin-dizzy kingdom
for years to come.