Friday, March 4, 2011

10 Things You Didn't Know About Claude Monet

 He was nearly 50 before he was self-sufficient. 
At age 40, he wrote letters to fellow painter 
Manet begging for money.

He roomed with Renoir. They lived for 
a month on a sack of beans.

 One critic called him “a lunatic.”

 He had to pretend that he and his mistress 
(of whom his family disapproved) had separated in 
order to continue to receive funds to 
survive on from his family.

 He was one of the first painters to 
move his studio outdoors.
He want to capture what
he called "instantaneity."

 He had cataracts. The paintings he did 
when the cataracts severely affected his vision 
had an unusual reddish tone, reflecting the effect 
they had on the quality of his eyesight.

 Local farmers would make the struggling
 Monet pay a toll to cross their fields. They 
would dismantle haystacks as he was painting 
them and chop down poplars while 
he was painting them, too.

He had a thing for painting haystacks. 
In all light conditions.

Once while painting a budding oak, he paid
 children to climb it to pick off all of its leaves, 
so that he could best capture it in its un-budded state.

 He enjoyed banana ice cream.