Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Steps Ahead

Secrets of Business Visionaries....

Author Erik Calonius says:

"The most transformational ideas are almost always 
the silliest when they first pop out of the egg. 
Who needs a personal computer? 
Why would any adult want to watch a full-length feature cartoon? 
No one will ever be able to get a heavier than air machine to fly! 
Most great ideas are not only considered silly, 
but are rejected by the establishment....

"All visionaries have an idea that moves them. 
They have a mission. 
And nothing, no personal or commercial obstacle, 
will stop them. What’s also common is that no 
amount of success assuages their drive; 
once the reach one goal, they begin towards another....

 "In order to make a dream fly, 
you need people who believe in you. 
You have to scale up that dream from 
your personal fantasy to one that others share....

"Emotional contagion is the odd way 
that humans can pass one emotion on 
from one person to another, 
like bees in the hive shaking to their mates 
until they entire hive is vibrating. 
What’s amazing is that in businesses run 
by visionaries, the emotions of the visionary leader 
are mimicked by the employees. 
The entire hive is alive. 
The power of one human being extends to 
hundreds and thousands of others....

"Visionaries do seem to have many gifts: 
Emotional intelligence, intuition, courage, 
persistence, that ability to see patterns and things 
that the rest of us just miss. 
So can we do that, too? The answer is yes. 
There are ways to spike our emotional intelligence. 
We can use intuition forcefully as well, once we 
understand something about it.
 Courage can be raised through practice.... 

"The most successful visionaries are familiar with their intuition. 
They can sense when their gut feelings may not be accurate. 
They know when it would be better to punt the decision to 
someone else. But they also know 
when their gut is telling them to take 
one particular path, rather than another...."