Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Essence

From the new book "The Corner Office"...

The 5 Key Traits...

 1 — Passionate Curiosity

"Though chief executives are paid to have answers, their greatest contributions to their organizations may be asking the right questions. They recognize that they can’t have the answer to everything, but they can push their company in new directions and marshal the collective energy of their employees by asking the right questions."

2 — Battle-hardened Confidence

"Do they tend to blame failures on factors they cannot control, or do they believe they have the ability to shape events and circumstances by making the most of what they can control? It’s a positive attitude mixed with a sense of purpose and determination"

3 —Team Smarts

"Team smarts is also about having good “peripheral vision” for sensing how people react to one another, not just how they act."

4 —Simple Mindset

"Most senior executives want the same thing from people who present to them: be concise, get to the point, make it simple."
5 — Fearlessness

"They’re looking for calculated and informed risk-taking, but mostly they want people to do things — and not just what they’re told to do."