Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Devil Dogs of Ancient Germania

We read with sadness the account today at Drudge about a South Carolina woman who killed what she described as a "devil dog."

As horrible as this may be, it is nothing new in history. I am reminded of the account below from Tertullan's Vol. 3 of "The Annals of Rome" in which he recounts how the "Lost Legion" under the command of Gaivs Marcvs disappeared without a trace in what is present day Porchsesfaste Festungsdamenburgestein, near Hamburg.

Carus Scipio Africanus

Quahoq izod quae supervenio procul extremus frigidairius ora imperium meus legio reperio ipsum insultus yo mater vestri matris sic pinguis non tantum per barbarus schwarzenus egginorum tamen quoque per suum everto canii alpo patui quod es amplitudo volutabrum quod tuscae magnae sharpius gillette styptica acer ut mucro benhuri hormel teneo haud vereor, tamen nos servo nostrum fides in Caesar quod vadum increbresco

Per Veneratio Gaius Proficiscor Imperator Tertius Legio

Dear Carthage Kip:

Having arrived at the outermost northern bovndary of the empire, my legion finds itself confronted not only by the barbarians but also by their demon dachshunds which are the size of pigs and have tvsks sharp as swords. They know no fear, bvt we keep ovr faith in Caesar and shall prevail.

With Honor,
Gaivs Marcvs
Third Legion