Monday, January 24, 2011

A Poem With Appeal


Biotech, investment-wise, so ho-hum, quite yesterday.
The Net, likewise, too Grandma, a horse-and-buggy play.
I’m splattered from bubbles that pop, cows that flop,
Stars that drop, and dogs that bark and bore.
Give me tomorrow’s sky high-flying start-ups,
Ones for stratospheric stock market scores.
Perhaps diffusion tensor imaging,
That MRI neuron fiber depiction thing,
Will be the thing to give my portfolio brainy zing.
Word to the wise? Go way far long on stretchable silicon,
Those flexy chips that gurus say will with speed respond.
By gum, buy now.
(Unless you fear your broker will with your funds abscond.)
If you’re a day trader whose life is frazzled and frenetic,
I prescribe the new cure for cancers rare—epigenetics.
This science might even help diabetics, asthmatics.
And, who knows, it might be mixed in diabetic asthmatics’ cosmetics.
And then there’s cognitive radio, the wireless that thinks,
Far afield from pervasive wireless, the radio that links.
Which is which? Who cares! They’re a buy….wink wink.
Whoa! Comparative interactomics is so comparatively new
Tech geeks at this moment have it under sub-atomic analytical review.
Why wait! I’d buy or otherwise act on actomics now if I were you.
As for universal authentication, insiders give it stark raving wild ovations.
Even my distant priestly relations swear it’s their future fiscal salvation.
Nanobiomechanics? Nanomedicine?
One banana, two banana, three banana, four,
Both have appeal. Both may score.
Whee! Take a spin on tomorrow in today’s financial loony bin.
      Z.B. McFate, Push Bush