Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do You Know Jack?

If anyone created the modern craze for exercise and good eating, it was Jack LaLanne who passed away last month at age 96.

He was my hero. And it's all because of my mother. One day, when I was a tot, she said it was snack time. I thought, "Goody. Cookies!"


Instead, she took a carrot out of the refrigerator, peeled it, cut it into slivers, put them in a bowl, and we headed off to the TV room. Bummer. So there I am on the sofa munching carrots while she gets on the floor doing calisthenics with grinning Jack LaLanne.

It took about 30 or so years for this memory impact to really kick in, but it was a classic example of how parents should role model behavior for their children. Do, not say.

Way back in the black-and-white days of the 1960s, LaLanne explained his three-point plan for longevity; Eat right, exercise, and respect the power of positive thinking.

Some of Jack's maxims:

“Start eating food in its natural state."

“If man makes it, don’t eat it.”

“Eat more fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, more lean cuts of meat.”

As for working out, he believed in doing so regularly and in moderation.

Half the battle, he believed, was thinking positively — Smile. Do for others. Relax. Have faith and worship with others--you'll find that you're not alone and be able to benefit from mutual support systems.

And he was way ahead of his time with regard to meditation, too. Here's what the Maharishi Jack said: “If you can, spare five or ten minutes to lie down in a dark room and relax…and release some of that nervous tension.”

Adapted from Singularity Hub