Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Random scenes from Egypt.
Note the man below (at right) riding on the bumper of the bus,
because it was too crowded to ride inside.
A common occurrence.

Sadat's triumphal return from Camp David (above, at left). 
About six months later, President Carter flew to Egypt 
for shuttle diplomacy between Egypt and Israel.
Thus, Air Force One (above, at right).

At the time I worked for an NBC reporter.
Serving as Assistant Producer of the
networks' radio base station, I attended all
events. I was at the airport when peace 
was announced. The American press
corps went bananas.

 Midan ah-Tahrir (Liberation Square) is above, at left.
We see Riyadh's central square above, at right.
It's also known as "Chop Square" because
beheadings and other punishments
are carried out there.