Friday, February 4, 2011

Obscure Hemingway

Playboy in the mid-1960s ran several articles consisting only of quotes from Hemingway.

A few:

The great and indispensable help to success is character. Character is chrystallized habit, the result of training and conviction.

The secret of wisdom, power and knowledge is humility. The secret of influence is simplicity.

Wise men don't care for what they don't have.

A good rule to live by: One day at a time.

Of all the virtues, cheerfulness and enthusiasm are the most profitable.

A man's real character will always be more visible in his home than anywhere else. And his practical wisdom will be better exhibited by the manner in which he rules there than even in the larger affairs of business or public life. His whole mind may be in his business but if he would be happy, his whole heart must be in his home. It is there that his genuine qualities display themselves. It is there that he shows his truthfulness, his love, his sympathy, his consideration for others, his uprightness his manliness—in a word his character.