Saturday, February 5, 2011


Then I do! Then I do!
I dome manor do!
Five miles fields round,
Gardens bright with sweet-blossom tree.
Got me sunny, sunny spot.

O, deep! Down down green hill!
Savage! Be holy!
Ain’t drinkin’ no liquor.
‘Neath cat claw moon,
I gotta be tellin’ you I haunted,
Haunted by woman wail—
Comin’, comin’ demon!
I got demon love—
Fast, thick that demon pants.
A mighty fountain burstin’ huge.
Like massa’s chaffy grain, I threshin’ flail!
Mid dancin’ rock, mid dancin’ rock
At once and ever, ever, Lord,
Up sacred river five mile,
Yea, I say, five mile m’ander 
‘Mazin’ Miss Ipp run.
Ain’t no man can measure.
No man can. No man, Lord.

Dome manor shadow—
Girl with guitar in a dream I saw.
She my master’s maid,
My master maid,
Wakin’ me with her sweet, sweet song—
Delight me loud and long.
O, sunny dome!
I cry, ‘O, beware,
My flashy eye, mane of hair!”
Rope me three time round
Shut your eye, pray atremble—
He a drunk man,
Drunk on heaven wine.

With apologies to Coleridge and a person from Porlock.
From the book of manly poetry for manly men "Power Through" by Z.B. McFate